Assessment of the new online multiplayer version

The new multiplayer version of Trichess is online for more than two weeks, and dozens of games have already been played. We have faced some technical difficulties, some have been solved quickly, other are still being taken care of.

Keep on inviting your friends to play, and think of using the option “link to this table” in the Game menu, to allow them to join easily your game.

Have fun!

Online Trichess multiplayer finally out

We are proud to announce that an online multiplayer version of Trichess is finally available. It will allow you to connect to our server and join/create tables to play with your friends, or with other connected players from all around the world. Please note that the game is still in beta version so we apologize in advance for any inconvenience you might experience during online play.

Be sure to read the rule of Trichess and the spirit of Trichess to fully understand how Trichess works and what are its specificities. You can also join the Trichess forum to discuss about the game with our community.



Trichess forum

Welcome to the Trichess forum, the place where you will be able to discuss with other Trichess players. Talk about Trichess, Chess or any subject you like !

We are also very proud to announce that an online multiplayer version of Trichess will be out very shortly, finally allowing you to play with your friends and people from all around the world ! Stay tuned in the next days.

New technology

As a first step towards a multiplayer version of Trichess, the hotseat version has been redevelopped using Google Web Toolkit, a more suitable technology than Java applets.

The game is now faster, more fluid, loads quicker, and does not require authorization to execute Java.

Work in progress

Hi Trichess fans ! We just want to inform you that Trichess is still alive, and that we are working on a truly multiplayer version of the game. It will be a browser game like the actual version, but will allow you to play with people from a distance.

Stay tuned !

Trichess in Echec et Mat No.116

We are proud to have been published in the « seen on the web » category of the official magazine of the French Federation of Chess (FFE).  We want to thank Mr Henri Carvallo, president of the FFE and Publishing Director, Mr. Leo Battesti, Editor, Mr Lionel Maisonneuve, President of the League of the Loire and estimable defender of the French language, and all of the editorial staff.

Trichess, now on Twitter

Natalia Pogonina made us the honor of being the first to suscribe to our recent Twitter page : @TrichessOnline.

Among her impressive achievements, Natalia Pogonina is the only person to have held the same year (in 2011) the two European titles: the European Champion Team Chess and the European Club Cup. Open mindedness, outstanding intelligence, charm and beauty, Natalia Pogonina has the nobility of a great chess champion and perfectly embodies her time.

We are very proud and flattered to have attracted her interest. If you want to visit her personal website:

New site launch!

Welcome to the Trichess website !

Trichess is a three person Chess game using a 96 squares board. The main characteristic of the game is the rule of non-aggression that can provide a partial immunity. Inspired by the notion of Chess sacrifices and laws of territorial sovereignty for nations, the rule of Trichess transforms a numerical weakness in a strategic strength. On a board game where three players compete, this rule restores fairness and the opportunity to win using strategies based on logic and not on diplomacy.
When playing Trichess, you do not play two against one, but one against two.

In 2011, keenSoftware took the initiative to develop an online game in hotseat mode for Trichess. This way you can try the new perspectives opened by this game.