Play online

This application allows you to play Trichess online with your friends or other people from all around the world. Be sure to read the rule of Trichess to learn about the specificities of this game and especially about the non-agression rule which prevents the game from becoming a diplomatic game. Diplomacy remains useful, but strategy prevails. Please note that the application is still in beta version, we are constantly working on its improvement.


Instructions for the application:

  • use the “quick game” functionality to be matched automatically against two other waiting players
  • if you create a private table, nobody will be able to join your game without receiving an invitation link from you
  • in order to help you think of your next move and consider the board under all its angles, you can rotate it by clicking on its perimeter and moving the mouse.

There is also a hotseat version if you want to play with three persons on the same computer or test the game.